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storms on the horizon... - Goth Dragon's Rant's
My own views, some you might agree with, others might be offended.
storms on the horizon...
first, must apologize for my lack of posting lately.

have had a lot going on in my personal life lately, and as such, all my on-line time has been spent primarily commenting on friends journals, as well as im and e-mail conversations.

but now, well, can't go without posting, as this will help a bit with some of the stress i'm going through. and given that this is x-posted to personal journal, sorry for those reading it twice.

as many of you know, i've been having trouble with my landlady lately. for those that don't know the whole story, here goes:

back in the end of september, the kids in the upstairs apartment decided to set off fireworks on their porch, for reasons unknown. while there was no real damage to the place other than the entryway burning, that apartment was condemed, and they moved out while it was remodeled. in late sept, early oct, the guy that was doing the repairs also started remodeling my apartment, the downstairs unit. (keyword being started.) the entire kitchen cabinets were removed, and while new ones were put in, the countertop was not installed, nor was the sing hooked back up. that was all that was done.

i was told in novenber that my rent would be going up from $350 a month to $450 a month, and that she would be paying the electic and water. (at least, that was my understanding.) i told her that at the time, i wouldn't be able to afford that, given that my income was based off tips, and at that time of year, peoples spending can be somewhat erratic and unpredictable. so she would wait until i got a room mate.

in december, the 21 to be exact, i returned home at 1 in the am, ( so was technically the 22 when i discovered it) to find that the upstairs apartment was flooding, and all the water was pouring down into my unit. part of the ceiling had given way, thus blocking the door, and upon finally forcing open the back door, i found water pouring down the walls, from the light fixtures, everywhere.

while the exact cause is unknown, i was told that somehow during the remodeling upstairs, one of the windows was broken, thus causing their pipes to freeze and break. possible, i suppose. while the water was finally turned off, it was a couple days before they figured out which pipes where what so that i could have water. then began the tedious process of trying to dry everything out and see what was ruined and what was salvageable. i had my things out, allowing them to dry. i returned from work one day to find that they had all been carelessly thrown back into the closet.

finally got a room mate, a co-worker, who moved in about the 10th of january. and from the 12 to 15th, finally saw the guy who was supposed to be doing the repairs, as he finally put the countertop on the cabinets, and hooked the sink back up. (woot! some two and a half months later i now have a working kitchen sink!) it was then that he removed part of the flooring, given that after becoming water logged, had popped up and prevented the bedroom door from closing. was also supposed to repair the cieling at this time, as well as all the other repairs that needed to be done. i haven't seen him since then.

given that haven't been making much past couple of months, and repairs were not getting done, haven't paid much in rent. and when told was going to have to move out at the first of feb, haven't paid anything. on tuesday, was given a hand written note saying that i had five days to vacate.

yesterday, went out enjoying my first day off of work in 9 days, and went home to do laundry. got home to find that she's there, and has all of my things packed up in trashbags and either thrown down in the basement, or up against the wall by the door, and that i have to be completely moved out by today. i bit my tongue, preventing me from lashing out in an argument that i knew i would have done. waited till she left, talked to some friends, and then took more pictures of the place, as well as the condition of my belongings.

was supposed to work this evening, but given that i'm uncertain as to where my work uniform is, much less been able to wash it, and since have several things to do today, stopped by work and told them i would not be in this evening, even though i really could use what little money i would make.

so now, have to get the pictures developed, call the lawyer back as she wasn't in, and go to the housing authority.

this is a headache that i wanted to avoid, but now, have no other choice.

Current Mood: rushed frantic, stressed, bitchy
Current Music: 'you' by amy lee

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tickle_me_molly From: tickle_me_molly Date: February 28th, 2005 11:39 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow. First of all it is her responsibility to have all of these problems fixed. I think its in your right to not pay the rent until she fulfills all her landlady duties.

What a bitch. Smart thinking taking the pictures.

Sorry all this shit is happening to you.

Wish I could help.

*big hugs and kisses from me and amy lee* ;-)
gothicca From: gothicca Date: February 28th, 2005 11:42 am (UTC) (Link)

and yes, it is her responsibility. not to mention the fact that her entering without prior authorization is against the law here in wisconsin. and she's done it on multiple occasions.

(and since gmail isn't letting me respond through e-mail, having to post via lj, and currently logged in under personal account, thus this is indeed me, by a different name.)
tickle_me_molly From: tickle_me_molly Date: February 28th, 2005 11:44 am (UTC) (Link)
How about I just come there with my bat and take out her knees?

(And I figured it was you lol)
gothicca From: gothicca Date: February 28th, 2005 11:48 am (UTC) (Link)

nah, just let the lawyer take care of all that stuff. get more than just the knees.
grimm From: grimm Date: February 28th, 2005 01:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
1) Do you have a lease? (most important question)

If the answer is no then yer boned and that sucks. If yes on the other hand...

2) If you do have a lease then she cannot make you move anywhere no matter what you may or may not have paid in rent thus far since these are the winter months and such is the law in WI.

3) If she was in your apartment, then she was in it without your permission which is also illegal.

If you have a lease you should not only likely be entitled to paying less rent than what the lease says (due to your inconvenience what with the water leaks, lack of water, and such). On top of that she broke into your place and you are likely entitled to some sort of compensation for that as well.
Well done with the pictures though -- those are always useful if things come down to the courts.

I hope all turns out well for ya!
gothdragon From: gothdragon Date: March 1st, 2005 10:43 am (UTC) (Link)
1. had a lease, which was officially up last august.

3. unfortunately, while it is illegal, it is also a gray area, given the condition, she could 'have been effecting neccessary repairs,' as the nice man in black with the silver badge said. and as such, was a civil matter, not a criminal.
teckwriter From: teckwriter Date: February 28th, 2005 02:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
Dude, what a rotten situation to be in. I can't believe your landlady did that to you. I hope you find a decent dwelling soon.
gothdragon From: gothdragon Date: March 1st, 2005 10:43 am (UTC) (Link)
me too.
From: emptywineglass Date: February 28th, 2005 04:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Call Judge Judy!

Man, it sucks when life gets messy like that. I hope it all works out for you. If you end up with no where to go, you can always come crash with me in Memphis, heheh. :P

Seriously though, I'm sorry you have to deal with all that BS. Things will start looking up for you soon. Just hang in there. *hugs*
gothdragon From: gothdragon Date: March 1st, 2005 10:44 am (UTC) (Link)
**hugs** thanks. given the patterns of my life, always something bad follwed by something good. so, should be looking up real soon.
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