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Goth Dragon's Rant's
My own views, some you might agree with, others might be offended.

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so, i thought that i'd finally gotten rid of most of my gmail invites. even had to send myself some to other e-mail accounts to get rid of them. or so i thought. now currently have 10 on main account. not sure how many on others.

so, if anyone wants, just ask.
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sum up what you think of me in one word.

leave it as a comment.

then put this in your journal.


scan my interest list and pick out the one that seems the most odd to you. i'll explain it. then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.

and i must add, i really hate walking/shoveling/seeing/dealing with snow.

which brings up an interesting point. if i don't like it, why did i move from texas to wisconsin in the first place?

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lj's acting up for some reason, and not e-mailing comments. at least, wasn't, as it seems to be working now.

trouble is, just now getting the comments that have been replied to 5 times at the site.

and for those who haven't yet, make sure to visit here and fill out your answers. still need more!
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so, here it is at last, the time where you, the general public have a true say in not only the content, but in the direction of at least one, perhaps several of my future rants.

given that in a recent discussion, it was discovered that statistically speaking, 75% of all statistics were made up on the spot. (course, by the end of the discussion, it had risen to about 90%). but here, all statistics will be actual data compiled from your answers to questions on several topics. but first, the rules.


1. all results will be kept private. i will not use your answers to turn you in to whatever authorities for actions you might have done.

2. all results will be screened and will remain so, such that no one else will no your answers. (unless, of course, you discuss them outside of this). you may also post anonymously, if you chose to do so.

3. please, be honest in answering. nothing like dishonest answers to totally ruin the validity of the statistics. also, give as thorough as possible. if a question could be answered by a yes or no, give your reasons for the answer as well

4. more of a request than a rule. pass this along to everyone on your friends list, and ask them to pass it along, etc. the more answers, the greater the content, and less chance that i will have to make up part of the statistics.

and now, the questions.

allow me to pick your brain and play 20 questionsCollapse )

sorry for the delay, but the original list was a bit longer, and ruined in the flooding. so had to try and remember all that i had, and while some were left out, a couple were added.


as a couple people have pointed out, sometimes the answer will be too long to post. if you so desire, you can e-mail results to my username at gmail.com [gothdragon(at)gmail.com]

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lets see, what all happened this year.

aside from the usual thingsof working andother parts of the daily grind, met a new friend who re-introduced me to lj. and through her, met several other new friends, whom it has been a pleasure to enjoy getting to know through their words.

got a new apartment, which in a span of less than six months both burned and flooded. yeah, would say that that definately sucked.

after working at my job for nearly three years, got another job, and for a time, was working two. then job a got pissed that i was working job b and would have to change my availability, and got nothing but hell. not sure if i actually quit or was fired from job a. still working at b, but will have to get another job, as i'm not quite making enough to live on.

then there was the final countdown of the year. new years eve, worked until 10, supposedly, when we closed. was actually about 10:45 before finally got everyone out and the place cleaned and shut down, then headed todowntown to celebrate with friends, away from the cheap bastards that i had recently served, saving all their money to drink on. (more on this in personal journal later)

there are only three bars here that i go to. yesterdaze, of course, given that it's the closest to a goth bar we have here. sure, there's the warehouse, but not really a bar, not open all the time, and generally populated by 12-16 year olds from what i hear. then there's the casino, a quiet little place. third one might be surprising, given it's a sports bar. but it's like half a block from my place, the owners are nice, and i usually get wasted there without having to buy more than one drink. no, they aren't that strong, nor am i that much of a light-weight. it's just that the times i go, there's usually someone who continually buys the entire bar rounds.

and it also helps when youmake a bet for a drink that you can do something that is impossible. for instance, i bet him that i could touch my shoulder with my sex organ. (yes, it is possible. but don't start calling me yet, ladies, please.) being a bit hesitant at first, he told his girlfriend to take me up on the bet. after a bit, she decided to take me up on it, cause there is no way that a white boy can do that, or he'd be in certain videos. so, after agreeing on the drink we were betting for, had everyone gather around me, and with a slight smile, turned my head sideways, and flicked my shoulder with my tongue.

"that's not your sex organ!" someone said.

"oh, but it is," i replied. "and if you don't think so, just ask any girl, they'll agree." yeah, nothing like a free drink. and a little warning for future reference. i don't bet unless i know i'm going to win.

all and all would have to say that it was a good year. and hope that 2005 continues to bring me even more friends and good times.

also, promise to have the reader questionaire up soon, mayby by the end of the week.

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taken from mystryloca from others:

If we were to meet under the mistletoe, would you kiss me?


copy and repost! see who wants to kiss you!
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the following part is transcribed, originally written at about 3 am this morning.

who ever came up with that phrase needs to be dragged out into the street and publicly shot.

okay, so maybe that's a bit drastic, but goes with my sentiment at the moment. given that at the time i'm writing this, it's just after 3 am, sitting in perkins, drinking coffee and slightly upset. okay, more than upset.

after supposedly were not supposed to have any snow for like a week, it proceded to dump four inches on us yesterday. so, that's kinda a good thing, given you just can't have christmas in wisconsin without snow. that's like watching football without drinking beer or wearing those funny foam fingers and other assorted whatnot. well, maybe not, given not really the sports type.

and after a long day at work, went down town for a bit, hoping maybe to catch up with a couple of friends and such. not too many people were out, so didn't happen. so, decided to go home.

after the day of work i'd had, and the long walk in the snow from downtown to my house, was looking forward to crawling into my warm bed, maybe watch a little tv, then sleep. (want in one hand,...)

step inside my porch, unlock the door, and try to open it. it won't budge, as somethings blocking it. as i begin to wonder what the fuck, i notice the sound of running water.

my initial thought was that perhaps the landlord's kids left something on as she tends to leave them in my apartment while she cleans the now vacant upstairs apartment. but then, that didn't explain the door being blocked. so i quickly make my way to the back door, to find water literally running down the walls. after saying a few choice phrases while beating against the door trying to force it open, i finally found myself standing inside my kitchen. with about an inch of water on the floor. water pouring down the walls, dripping frome the ceiling, everywhere. after another round of choice phrases, found the rest of the place in similar, or worse, state. living room had part of the ceiling on the floor, which was blocking the door. the only place that was dry was the one place i initially thought that the water might be coming from, the bathroom.

which is were i found two very scared cats that needed consoling. you've seen how cats don't like water? imagine them finding their warm little house turned into an amazon rain forest. well, maybe not amazon, given the cold.

called the landlord, let her know what was going on, went to get a hot cup of coffee. so now, you can see where my sentiment stems from. upset? yeah, perhaps, but after that, i have the right to be, don't i?

managed to find some clothes that weren't too wet to pile up to make some sort of bed, and got a little bit of sleep. not much, really, but some is better than none, i suppose. now have to go through and find the true extent of the damage, given everything's soaked. and was goind to do laundry today, guess it's already half done, right? yeah, maybe not.

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haven't updated in a bit, having been busy with other things, couple side projects, and usual hectic chaos that is dealing with the idiots i have to at work. couple things on that in personal journal, so won't bother everyone with the details.

have a couple ideas for topics, one of with is very heavy reader feedback. look for it by the end of the week.

till then, off to fight another migraine.
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i'm sure by now several of you have hear about the teen accused of having her mother murdered.

not passing judgementCollapse )
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