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Goth Dragon's Rant's

My own views, some you might agree with, others might be offended.

Goth Dragon
20 October
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New theme for journal: ranting. yes, shall do nothing in here but pick one topic and go with it, wherever my thoughts might take me. don't like it? tough, don't read. think i'm mean? yeah, whatever. complain about me in your own journal. don't understand the humor mixed in with the rants? two words:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Who I Am
I am Goth. I am a free thinking individual that refuses to be bound by the constraints of society and mindlessly follow the flock. I follow my own path whatever it may be.

I am Dragon. I am an old soul, watchful over others, caring and compasionate in their time of need. The shoulder to cry on, the ear that listens, the eye that sees. And I am the mouth with comforting words when needed.

I am the artist. I see beauty within, the underlying emotion that is hidden beneath the surface.

I am the magician, weavung the delicate spell that draws others into a different world with the power and visualization of my words.

I am the sensualist, living in a world of feeling and emotion that often trancends the mundane.

I am the warrior, fighting against those that would seek to harm me or my friends by word, thought, or action.

I am a dreamer. A lover. A friend.

And above all, I am me.

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