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argh!!!!!!!!!!!! is there no end to the insanity? how do i get rid of… - Goth Dragon's Rant's
My own views, some you might agree with, others might be offended.
argh!!!!!!!!!!!! is there no end to the insanity? how do i get rid of them?!?!?!?!?

logged into my gmail today to find that the 8 remaining invites i have managed to keep over the past week or so mysteriousl increase up to 50. and, upon logging into my other three accounts, one had 50, one 6, and the third, thankfully, doesn't even have an area for invites. (maybe because i never sent any to begin with?) so, at the moment, i have 106 invites. and withing the next several days, i feel, that it will suddenly become 150. now how am i supposed to get rid of 150 invites? sell them on ebay? wait. can't give them away, so no one will buy them either. could always send myself more invites, so have even more email accounts to check. (and have a lot as it is anyways.) **bangs head**

took pics of the apartment last night. well, the things that have still yet to be repaired. this way i'll have some evidence, as it looks like i might have to go to court over the whole thing. i don't really want to, but i might not have a choice, and taking every precaution to protect myself.

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