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old adage... - Goth Dragon's Rant's
My own views, some you might agree with, others might be offended.
old adage...
used too, i had a saying that i thought could sum up people.

"there are two types of people. those that believe in ufos and those that don't."

not entirely accurate, per se, but it worked. basically, there were either those that believed, or those that didn't.

but now, i think that no longer really applies. especially given the work situation that i just dealt with.

see, my boss wanted me to program a web page for his business. no biggie, really. i asked him what he wanted it to look like and all that. he gave me free reign, telling me to do whatever i wanted, make it look good. (which is something you should never tell a programmer, btw.)

o i did, making a nice, professional looking site with an easy navigation system and such. that's when he stepped in and said he wanted this here, that done, and can you put this in here as well?

no, i can't. i mean i can, but i can't just put it in there. i already have the css layout done, and to do what he wanted meant that i would have to program what was needed, and once again check everything, hoping that it hadn't screwed up what was already there. and change as needed.

yeah, nothing like sorting through some 50,000 lines of code trying to figure out why that one word is the wrong color, or that one paragraph isn't the right font. as one co-worker stated, "whoa, that's a lot of coding." true, but it was a lot less than it could have been.

and back to my opening. there aren't believers anymore. just those that know about the difficulties of completely re-writing code, and those that don't.

my boss? i don't think he beleives in ufos. guess we'll see when he sees the final mock up today.
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