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welcome to the zoo... - Goth Dragon's Rant's
My own views, some you might agree with, others might be offended.
welcome to the zoo...
society is a funny thing. well, the people are, at least. for the most part, they feel some strange need to constantly stare at someone that appears different.

granted, we dress to get people to look at us, but not stare. whether it be the flattering top that shows maybe just a bit too much cleavage, or the excessively large belt buckle drawing attention to the crotch, as nothing else is, we all want people to see and appreciate the way we look.

and i am no different, really. sure, i might not care if people look or not, i know that they are going to, and expect it, even though to be honest, i'm not sure why. i don't have hair that's cut in some strange fashion and dyed an unnatural color, don't have any unusual or excessive amount of facial piercings. and i don't wear any freakish, torn clothing.

just black dress slacks, black oxford shirts, black silk tie, and on occasion, if the weather is a bit cool, a charcoal trench coat, though you might say that it's black. that's it. i look like any average lawyer or office worker.

and the black nail polish.

corporate goth, nothing major, but i have people stare at me constantly. and frankly, i find it annoying, rude, and offensive. i'm a person, an individual, not some animal on display in the zoo. and i know, that for some reason, you are going to look at me, which is alright. strange, but acceptable. but if you continue to stare, i will embarrass the hell out of you and demanding a $5 fee for the show. treat me like something to be gawked at, and i treat you as one of the gawkers. (if you want to throw compliments, i guess that would be okay, but as the sign says, 'don't feed the animals.')

thus ends today's rant and lesson.

Current Music: Winterborn - The Crüxshadows

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